A New Vision Exists

Exhibition: 1 – 20 December 2012

Bourouina Gallery
Charlottenstraße 1–2
10969 Berlin, Germany

Bourouina Gallery is pleased to present the second solo show in the gallery by Austrian artist Zenita Komad. Since her exhibition Missa Solemnis in Berlin in 2010, Zenita Komad carries on with her search for meaning. Titles of her latest shows are strong statements of this: ‘Spirituality is Not Shopping', ‘Liebe ist die Beste Medizin [Love is the Best Medicine]' and ‘I love God'. The latter is by no means meant to be cynical, nor converting, but simply comes from the bottom of her heart.Komad proclaims a better world, with better people. „Love thy neighbor!“ is the motto of her artistic practice and infuses her environment, her ‘cosmos'.

‘Zenita Universe', is a playground of various artistic means of expressions, at which the principle of giving is practiced and connections become visible. One work correlates to and expands upon the other.In Komad's object-paintings a colloquy with god can take place viaIphone and ringing bakelite telephones hold a call at the ready for every passing visitor who is willing to answer. Others are literallykey work[s]and the windshield wiper painting helps in gaining moments of clarity below the hail of information, or from the head spinning cause by the corkscrew painting, which can do better yet: it bores itself in, only to expose, in the adjoining proceedings, more deeply buried aspects. The origin of this world may be assumed in the blank vagina. Pendulums made of copper sheeting that draw meditative circles in the sand add peace and quietness to this cosmos. New drawings combining philosophy, spirituality, art history and a fine sense of humor complete the selection of works.