Eternally, I Am Your Yes - Zenita Komad

by Himali Singh Soin

Raw, filial, erotic, curious and conceptual are words that might reveal the depth of Zenita Komad’s art but only in the morphology and movement of the letters themselves. Here is a space where all your expectations will disprove themselves; where your mind and body will fuse and play tricks on your sense of time and space.

You enter THE LOFT, (where Zenita’s work is displayed as part of a residency sponsored by The Fuschia Tree), and everything appears “inside-out”. You pass “drawings” of Zenita’s everyday journal entries, written deliberately on A4 sized sheets of paper in watercolor or ink. Each letter is enunciated, each word emphasized in a new, rhythmic way such that the meaning of the words no longer matter now the image is created from the shape and pressure of the ink itself.

One sheet says, “This drawing is blackmailing your ego”. Drawing, questioning and ego are tightened in bold. The eternal curve of the word ego makes one conscious of its meaning and its convoluted essence. She writes the word in dots: connect them yourself. Beware of losing your way. You continue to where the tea is, but realize that you must backtrack: the art on paper is outside.

Paradoxically, it is Zenita’s site-specific installation, (normally public, outside), that you notice in the corner of the gallery, dimly-lit, a red line, like a vein, moving inwards towards a centre in a labyrinthine maze of connectivity and counsel.

The maze is made from the elements of the earth that comprise us. Sand and water, with red powder spilled over its ridges, but the simplicity of material is deceiving. Each viewer is urged to take his shoes off and enter the installation. Now the lines blur between installation and performance. Beware of losing your way. If you do not look attentively to where you go, you will reach a cul de sac. Each individual weaves his way through the maze often losing sight and making choices, finding his inner voice to lead him to the centre, where the light shines, where truth resides.

Zenita’s art is organic, intellectual, interactive and spiritual. It fuses life, art, nature, religion, time and space and makes you think, makes you content, whilst wanting more. See it, but beware of losing your way.