by Zenita Komad, Rebekka Hagg, Markus Mittringer

1 The king is shepherd, architect, representative, and tyrant.  2 What is the self?  3 G–d is the ideal state of mankind, the creator, all and nothing.  4 Free will springs from a higher source.  5 Is there a you without a me?  6 What can I do for myself?  7 What would light be if there were no shadow?  8 Where does intuition come from?  9 When did you last laugh from your heart?  10 What can be learnt from a master: scriptures, meditation, where G–d lives, or void.  11 Never promise what you can’t fulfill.  12 Forgive everyone—known or unknown—who has ever injured, harmed, or cursed you.  13 Ask everyone—known or unknown—for forgiveness for having injured, harmed, or cursed them.  14 Stand upright and speak the following sentence three times in a loud voice: “I am entirely free!”  15 People who are full of themselves have no room for G–d.  16 Love your enemies for giving you the opportunity to learn.  17 A magician is a person who has learnt to use the divine source.  18 You are perfect. Don’t forget it!  19 Sit under a tree and listen to its story.  20 The early bird can shove it!  21 Reincarnation is another chance for perfection.  22 Is existence in permanent contradiction with itself?  23 Does the north wind from paradise waken the cock?  24 You will be granted success from the depths of world affairs.  25 You have a screw loose, my friend!  26 Unravel and organize inside and outside.  27 If you are truthful you will have light and success.  28 You have the right at all times to change your mind.  29 Sympathy feels the suffering caused by ignorance and wisdom understands what is to be done.  30 Until the inner teacher opens, all outside teaching is in vain.  31 Do not hate anybody, because that hatred which comes out from you must in the long run come back to you. If you love, that love will come back to you completing the circle.  32 You don’t love yourself enough!  33 Life is a joke.  34 If you want to become an astronomer and cry “astronomy, astronomy, astronomy!” it will never come to you.  35 May noble thoughts come to you from all sides.  36 The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding.  37 Alone and without its nest the eagle must fly through the sun.  38 Love overcomes all.  39 Your thoughts furnish the world. You shape the furniture and the furniture shapes you.  40 Dust falls even on the most beautiful piece of furniture.  41 Test knowledge of the world through your awareness.  42 Create emptiness to the highest level.  43 Don’t ask what happiness is, ask what your happiness is.  44 Raze your head and contemplate.  45 If you mistrust the highest instance, go to a clairvoyant.  46 Don’t settle for the mediocre.  47 You must as well act from your strength as from your weakness.  48 Inner peace demands action.  49 Do you believe that your life has been taken to the extreme?  50 Does the caterpillar really want to die as a butterfly?  51 Slander is the gossip of idiots.  52 Do your passions also serve your happiness?  53 If you were only awake for one day you will have seen everything there is to see.  54 Treat your illusions with great care.  55 Decide on your own where to go.  56 The oracle is not a cash machine.  57 Never ask for confirmation of yourself.  58 Cleverly formulated questions deserve vague answers.  59 Free your thoughts from cause and effect.  60 Disconcert yourself.  61 To be happy you must acquire what fate cannot snatch from you.  62 The decision makes itself.  63 Come to the point from the first minute.  64 Chosen to: detain, live to do good, and to enable, or to find out: “why”?  65 G–d gave us two legs to walk with. If He had wanted humanity to stay in one place and be a slave to immobility, we would only have needed one leg.  66 Haunt and purify yourself!  67 Do not wish for anything that you wouldn’t want fulfilled.  68 Irrigate your nose every morning. Use a neti pot that fits into your nostril. Fill the pot with body temperature water and dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt in it.  69 Be grateful to your food.  70 The Messiah is on vacation. Please leave a message.  71 The prayer lags behind the answer.  72 It doesn’t work to divide life in the world into “my problem” and “your problem.”  73 Our thought has consequences: even a thought behind the curtain is brought into the world.  74 Every time we hurt others through our thought, words, or actions, we are ultimately hurting ourselves.  75 Harvest your surroundings.  76 A joke need not be funny but it should be witty.  77 You don’t give yourself enough credit.  78 Who builds the bridge between heaven and earth?  79 Do not ask for any salvation that you cannot imagine.  80 Your memories are dangerous for you.  81 Break out of your prison and feel your strength.  82 We cannot understand G–d. We would otherwise change Him.  83 Belief and reason are inseparable. Belief believes that it is reasonable, and reason believes that it is credible.  84 The creativity of G–d and the creativity of mankind: does human creativity imitate divine creativity or is it in conflict with it?  85 Do you feel concerned?  86 Being silent and saying nothing does not necessarily mean standing still.  87 Can it happen in the course of time that aspects of the mysteries become a religion and contain only the obsessive sides of tradition?  88 Mankind’s task is to ennoble the bottom.  89 Every hero must learn its purpose.  90 True belief is when real experience replaces lip service.  91 Magic is unthinkable without contact. Without contact magic is merely sorcery.  92 Are you in control of your heart?  93 ...  94  Does the Creator willfully set us difficult tests?  95 Wait and see what the universe intends.  96 Even the greatest evil has a divine origin.  97 If you trust, hope is not necessary.  98 Gurus come and go. Only gnus remain.  99 Wake up, it will be over soon!  100 Become a farmer, harvest stars!  101 Do you have infallible good taste or have you stopped moving in other respects as well?  102 Could you make an exception for me?  103 Regard the beginning and the end as one.  104 With the few images that our perception allows us we cannot grasp this reality.  105 Lost contact? Make a call anyway!  106 Riches belong to me, but you are owned by riches.  107 If you have gained and cultivated insight, death has no power over you.  108 My dear boy, when curds are churned, the finest part rises upward and turns into butter. So too, dear boy, when food is eaten, the choice parts rise upward and become mind.  109 No one has condemned wisdom to poverty.  110 Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.  111 The word honesty conceals a dangerous trap.  112 Truth is a lot.  113 Lie in your own sun.  114 Fairy tales are always true.  115 Force can bring satisfaction. Only power brings joy.  116 Medicine had forg–tten that it was art. And that science was merely one tool of that art.  117 Do not leave rubbish.  118 The cash machine is the wailing wall of the post-modern.  119 Free yourself, the knight isn’t coming!  120 Seek your own commandments.  121 Listen to your heart, spare yourself the new glasses.