Eulogy by Lothar

Lothar Schmidt

She is both artist and whirlwind.
A young woman brimming with ideas – simply intoxicating!
During our improvised meeting in Bamberg, she even disclosed housewife-like attributes and thus, exceptional organisational talents.
No small wonder then that Operation Capablanca, the chess opera she created, was created almost off-the-cuff – a highly delicate and amusing piece.
She had also designed and formed the chess pieces herself – and how! The king hunt by Bernhard Land and Nadir Gottberg across the entire board superbly accompanied by the leading actors and sensually sung by the leading actress Maria Harpner was celebrated at the premiere performance of this musical play right up to the concluding love-matt position B4/C5 by an elated Vienna public.

Dear Zenita, this was and is a marvel!